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We learn the importance of regular brushing from the moment we’re old enough to hold our own toothbrush, but with improper care, diseases may occur. At Nostrand Dental Care PC, in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Alexander Solovey, DDS, is specialized in periodontics and treats a variety of diseases related to the gums and other tooth-supporting structures. To be proactive and keep your teeth healthy, call the New York City office or go online to schedule your appointment today.

Periodontics Q & A

What is periodontics?

Periodontics is a specialized area of dentistry that focuses on the health of the gums and the surrounding tissues that support the teeth.

At Nostrand Dental Care, the team is skilled in periodontics procedures and treatments to help patients prevent gum disease, infection, tooth loss, and more using methods such as dental cleanings and scaling and root planing.

Why do I need more than a regular teeth cleaning?

During a regular teeth cleaning, the Nostrand Dental Care team removes all the built-up plaque and tartar on the surface of your teeth and gum line and polishes your teeth to remove any stains.

However, if you are suffering from gum or periodontal disease, you might need scaling and root planing in addition to a regular cleaning.

What is scaling and root planing?

While a regular cleaning focuses only on the surface, scaling and root planing goes deeper. During this treatment, the Nostrand Dental Care team first scrapes plaque and tartar from above and below the gum line (scaling).

This is different from a regular clean because scaling also involves removing plaque from the pocket areas between the teeth and gums.

Next, an instrument is used to clean, disinfect and smooth the surface of the roots. This is known as root planing and it essentially removes tartar that has seeped below the gum line.

What takes place during tooth scaling?

Nostrand Dental Care offers two methods of scaling:

  • Scaling with hand-held instruments: using a dental scraper to manually remove plaque and tartar
  • Scaling with ultrasonic instruments: using a dental scaler with a vibrating metal tip and water spray to remove plaque and tartar

How painful is scaling and root planing?

Although scaling and root planing cause very little discomfort, your comfort is always the highest priority. The Nostrand Dental Care team can offer local anesthetics and specialized tools to keep any pain to a minimum.

After the procedure, your gums might be a little tender, but with consistent brushing and flossing, the tenderness will subside and quickly go back to their usual healthy, firm and pink appearance.

Whether you are opting for a regular cleaning or a scaling and root planing, these procedures are excellent preventative measures for more serious tooth problems.

Call the office or go online to book an appointment at Nostrand Dental Care today to start on your journey to good oral health.